Web Tricks: Website Bright Ideas
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Web Tricks: Website Bright Ideas

Running out of bright ideas? Consider reading these four rules to conceptualize a website, and come up with the greatest ideas.

The first step to create a great website is to come up with an idea. It's fairly common sense, yet most people don't seem to realize it. You probably have thought that you will create an epic website. It will have this and have that; It will have animations and stuff; You will put blings here and there.

Hold on. What exactly is your website about?

You answer, "Oh, it's like YouTube. It's going to be the next big thing!"

And then we continue to ramble on and on about how great this website will be, and about all sorts of interesting knickknacks that we'll put in it.

There is no shame to admitting this was your plan A. Be informed that every webmaster on earth have gone through that chain of thought. It's as if one idea is so great at the time, but you come to realize later it was all hyped up.

Let us go back to square one: How do you conceptualize a great website?

Four Rules To Bright Ideas:

There is a scarcity of rules here. The job description is just too broad to put into words. But oh well, we still have to come up with something. (1) Let's start with what you know.

For instance, I know twitter. I tweet a lot. I love twitter. There's a thought: I'll make a twitter app!

To make sure we are not trapping ourselves inside our first bright idea, cross it out. Think of another one. (2) This time let us consider your interests. What do you like to do whenever you surf the net?

Uhm…I watch YouTube, I read blogs, and I play online games. Great then, let's create an online game! Nothing beats the comfort of playing all day and making money.

To be sure our goals are not too dreamlike, (3) let's double back. Consider the third rule: What can you do?

Assess your range of capabilities to see the feasibility of this idea.

Online game is fine, but is it going to be browser-based, or do we need to write a client? Do I know flash? Do I know people who know flash? Of course we will need a companion website.

After some deliberation, we realize that our plans A, B, and C are not that great. However, we are not giving up just yet. Instead, we are going back to square one. We will (4) do it over and over until we have a long list of bright ideas to choose from.

In summary, here are the four rules to remember:

  1. Start with what you know.
  2. Cross out number one and think about what you like.
  3. Cross it out again. This time, consider what you can do.
  4. Start over.

In the end, you'll have a list. Hide it in a safe place. In fact, don't even look at it for at least a week. After the long wait, come back to your list and pick whichever stands out among the rest.

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Comments (1)

A very insightful read. I have a website still awaiting finalization. Thanks for these valuable tips.